Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar predictions

Best Actor -- Daniel Day-Lewis
if he doesn't win, it will be a joke

supporting actor -- Javier Bardem
i haven't seen any of these, but hes he hype, so ill take him

Actress -- Marion Cotillard
She was really good, so i hope she wins

supporting actress -- Ruby Dee
The voters like different nominees, and shes pretty unique

Animated -- Ratatouille
should have been nominated for best picture

Cinematography -- there will be blood
I know the guy so im pulling for him

Director -- The diving bell and the butterfly
this was a very interesting movie, and it required excellent directing

song -- Once
this was a crazy movie, very unique

Best picture -- Atonement
Why not

Also: Notice that the movies Norbit, Pirates 3, and Transformers are all up for oscars - - what a joke

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